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Gotterdammerung Opus Maximus! [entries|friends|calendar]
Johnny Ampersand

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The Perils of Princess Penelope [04 Jun 2009|10:38pm]
Last night we watched the movie Atonement, which inspired me to finally read the book Atonement, which I got for Christmas years ago. The opening of the book is about a young girl who likes to write stories. It talks about how great it is to write stories and I thought, "Yeah! It is great to write stories!"  I decided, as a warm-up exercise, to write a real quick, 2-3 page story in one sitting. Inspired by the sweet, charming little girl in Atonement (okay, actually she's not very sweet, and she ruins a bunch of people's lives, but that's later in the book) I started writing about a princess in love.

Unfortunately I got interrupted before I could finish it, because Alice and I had a cookout to attend, but when we came back I powered on through to the end.  Which means it was written in two sittings, which is close enough. It is also much longer than originally intended. But it is, in fact, a complete story. Stories are fun!

Here it is, for your reading enjoyment. Remember, no planning, no proofreading, no refunds.

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